Holy cow! Can you believe that we are already in November?  This school year is flying by!

Are you looking for some terrific resources?  The Lesson Deli is sponsoring weekly linkys.  This week we are featuring fall-themed products.

My school does not really celebrate Halloween, so I like to plan ahead for Thanksgiving.  November goes by so quickly with the holidays.  (It really feels fast because we always take a field trip on Halloween!)  My students always get a little crazy Thanksgiving week, as we only have 2-3 school days.  (3 this year, <sniff>)

Thanksgiving is truly my favorite holiday.  There are so many awesome ways to make learning fun with Thanksgiving themes!  Last year, I had an all popcorn theme.  This year I decided to expand a little more.  I have a lesson for every subject area!  I am so excited. 

Let me show you a few of my lessons (and there is even a freebie at the end!) All of these are aimed at 4-6 grades, although some are also suitable for 3rd.

In Florida, we are having all new testing this year – and the rigor has been raised.  My students are really struggling with math, so I made these task cards.  We have gone over place value, multiplication, and division, so the cards focus on those areas. 
In order to engage all students, I have them choose “math teams.”  Each team has 3-4 students, although 3 is definitely better.  I show one question and read it, them I give the teams time to work out the answer.  Once time is called, I ask each team captain to tell me the team’s answer.  All teams with the correct answer get a point.

After a few questions, I give the winners tickets (our class reward system) or 3-4 Skittles. It is amazing what kids will do for 3-4 Skittles, trust me…..

I love history – that is definitely my favorite subject, and we really do not have enough time to teach it.  I plan to have students explore Plimoth Plantation online during a center.  The website is free, but the online assessments are hard for me to use as we cannot print.  Instead, I made this webquest that guides students through the website (for the less tech savvy students) and also has students write down what they are learning (for my students that do not want to read anything online.)

I promised a freebie at the end, so here is one of my math activities – Popcorn Volume! This activity teaches students the connection between dimension and volume.  My 9 year old did this with my 92 year old grandpa, and even my grandpa expected the volume to be the same.  NOPE!  (Warning: this activity is terrific, but it does take quite a while to finish.)  

If you would like to see my other fall activities, please visit my store.