Okay, so I like to pretend that I am a craft-goddess when I can.  In my head I can make absolutely AMAZING things.  In real life….not so much.  I mean, I am not all thumbs, but I am definitely not giving Martha Stewart a run for her money.  So when I see cute but useful craft ideas marked BEGINNER, I hop right on it.

For my fellow moms that have never had two seconds to get something for your child’s teacher, this easy clipboard may be for you.  I was inspired by this Michaels’ project.  I adjusted their idea in order to:
1.  be more functional. (What teacher wants chalk everywhere?)
2.  be easier.
3.  be cheaper.

Supply List

– I printed off my Staples rewards and got my clipboards for free.
– Next I hit WalMart to check out their ribbon selection, and I found my ribbon there.  If your store is like mine, it gets picked over very fast.  It was really hard to find the coordinating ribbons, because the smaller size was usually sold out. (Go ahead and ask my 13 year old how long this took.  She sat down….)  Plan ahead on this.  Also, the green ribbon I bought is wired.  I found that type harder to glue than the grosgrain ribbon.  (The grosgrain ribbon is actually pink and orange, although it looks red in the picture.)
– I bought sponge brushes.  I forgot to look at WalMart, but I found a pack of six at Target.
– I had Mod Podge at home, but buy that if you need it.
– Go home and take a nap. We actually went to three stores in one trip.  That is pretty huge for me.  (At this point, my daughter would be yelling “introvert” at me, but we also had major head colds all week.  My energy is zapped.)

Assembly Tips

1.  Precut your ribbon.  If you have a lighter, you can singe the back of the ribbon so it doesn’t fray, but don’t get the ribbon in the fire itself or you will have problems…..
2.  Do NOT mod podge the clipboard directly.  Instead mod podge the reverse side of the ribbon.
3.  Once you have the ribbon all set, mod podge over top to seal it.
4.  If, like me, you have dried glue all over the plastic clipboard, you can use alcohol to get it off.  (Scrub hard with an alcohol soaked paper towel.)
5.  For a nice easy, no sew, no crazy direction ribbon, here is the video by Christine Kobzeff that saved me.  Okay, cheapo crafters, she says to use “floral wire.”  However, a paperclip twists up nicely and hides well under the ribbon.  Smaller paperclips work better.
6.  I may buy a spray on acrylic sealer.  I am just going to watch and see how well the mod podge holds to the plastic.  If I end up doing that, I will let you know.

Let me know if you try this project – I would love to hear how it turns out!