Have you ever had a students who moved his or her whole head when the read?  If you did, he or she looked a little bit like a chicken pecking corn. You probably wondered how in the world they could read like that.
The answer: they couldn’t.

What are Eye Movements?

Head bobbing is often a sign of a problem with eye movements.  When a child has this problem, he cannot tell where his eyes are looking.  (Seriously.)  He might think he is looking at the board but he is actually looking at something else.
Another example would be a kid trying to catch a ball.  She is watching, watching, watching, but somehow the ball is totally not where she thought it was.

Signs of Eye Movement Problems

1.  Does your child bob his head while reading?
2.  Does your child frequently lose her place while reading?
3.  Does he make careless errors while reading, such as skipping small words or changing the beginnings or endings of words?
4.  Does she need to use her finger to keep her pace while reading?
5.  Does your child have problems focusing?

Next week I will talk about problems with visual perception.

Til next week!