Daily 5

Since I will only be teaching language arts and social studies next year, I have been doing a lot of reading on best practices.  Many teachers are blogging about using the Daily 5 successfully, and I think I may give it a try next year.  When I read the book, my biggest question was what do use for Word Work in the intermediate grades.

Word Work Ideas


There are many board games that can be used, including Scrabble and BOGGLE.  However, this means that kids always need a partner.

BOGGLE Bulletin Board

I plan to teach Greek & Latin Roots this year instead of traditional spelling, so I created a BOGGLE bulletin board to accompany my units of study.  I have worksheets for each week, plus I will have the board up on the wall, so students could work on this alone throughout the week.
Daily 5

Individual Work Stations

I have decided to have a “Make Your Masterpiece” theme this year, so I wanted to find a way to tie in an art theme to word work – without having to spend a lot of money.

I have been visiting my parents and trying to help my mom clean up purge stuff that is stockpiled everywhere.  My dad had a few empty paint cans and paint sticks.  Lowe’s had a sale on paint samples, so I went and bought a few colors and a can of chalkboard paint.  I also picked up a few paint color strips.  Finally I asked for paint sticks.

I plan to use the cans as individual stations.  I painted the paint sticks with the chalkboard paint and laminated the paint color strips.  Now students can use colored chalk and Expo markers to write their words, and tissues to wipe them off.  Easy peasy – and it only cost a few bucks.

Since it is reusable, it can be easily adapted to the level of the student.  For example, students could work on spelling by listing the words down the strip.  Students that need a harder activity could use the strips to write down the definition, type of word, meaning, etc.

What are your “go to” word work activities?

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