New Paired Passages: Age of Exploration

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New paired passages! I finally finished an exploration-themed text set. There are 3 texts included; each text is provided on 3 reading levels (grades 4, 5, & 6). A six question reading quiz is included for each passage, as well as an extended informative writing prompt.

To help my #floridateachers I included a table match question on two of the reading quizzes😊

Use this resource for close reading, social studies, essay writing, or test practice!

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Writing: How Has Exploration affected People?

This is a set of three leveled paired passages or texts on exploration: European Exploration, The Space Exploration, and The Rain Forest. The resource also includes reading comprehension and short answer response questions. The included texts are non-fiction.

These texts can be used as:

– close reading

– reading test practice (includes Multiple Choice, Table Match, & Short Response questions)

– social studies lessons

– reading comprehension

– paired passages with an extended informational writing prompt.

What is Included in the Product?

1. The Effects of European Exploration – in 3 levels

2. Space Exploration & You – in 3 levels

3. Save the Rain Forest – in 3 levels

4. 6 reading comprehension for the The Effects of European Exploration

5. 5 reading comprehension and 1 short response questions for Space Exploration & You

6. 6 reading comprehension for Save the Rain Forests

7. Answer Key for all questions

8. Exploration Extended Writing Response – to be used with one – three passages.

9. Standards Covered by this Product

10. Testing Cover Page

11. Testing Bubble/Answer Sheet

12. Informative Writing Rubric

13. Final Essay Blank Writing Paper

Please see the preview for even more information and pictures of this product.

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