Vision Processing Issues: What Teachers Should Know

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October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. And while I don’t have experience with dyslexia, I do have experience with visual processing issues, something commonly confused with dyslexia. 

If you’ve followed me for a bit, you know that my son has vision processing issues. We only came to this conclusion after much discussion, frustration (on both his and my part), and research. He finally received an official diagnosis of exophoria after 3rd grade. 

You can imagine as a teacher how disheartening it was to not be able to help my own child with his reading. As soon as we finally found the answer, we were able to get my son in vision therapy that has given him the tools he needs to be a successful reader. 

This blog post will be all about Vision Processing: What Teachers Should Know

Vision Processing Issues: What To Know


As a teacher, I was shocked as to how little I knew about these issues that change the way many of our students see. What can be done to equip and inform teachers of these issues? 

I wrote a blog series about visual processing issues as my family and I were wrestling through this with my son. I wanted to share them with you today in the hopes that you would feel encouraged and equipped by them. 


Vision Processing Issues – Blog Series

Know The Signs Of Visual Processing Issues

Are any of your students incredibly resistant or struggle more than others to reading? These blog posts may give you some ideas on how to help them. 

You also have to remember that you are not specialized in reading therapies. Don’t feel disheartened (like I did) if you cannot help a particular student succeed. They may need more than you can give them. 

If you think a student may have an underlying issue, please refer them for screening at your school. Early screening and therapy is always best.

Do you have questions about my experience with sensory processing issues? You can comment below or email me. I would love to help in any way I can.

Over twenty plus years, my educational career has spanned four continents and two states, as well as eight grade levels!

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