9 Free Ways To Recharge Over The Holiday Break

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You made it! You’re finally on break! 

Thanksgiving and winter breaks can be hectic, with many of us traveling to see family or hosting loads of family for the holidays. 

Even so, they are still a break from the classroom, and you should make time to relax. 

I’ve written up a small list of my favorite free ways to relax and recharge over a quick holiday week.

How To Recharge Over Break


Read a Book that is NOT for Professional Development

Find an old classic book that you loved or pick up the new novel that has started collecting dust since school started and give your brain a break with it! Reading a book makes your body slow down and keeps you away from your phone and emails. 

Granted, if you love nonfiction, then read nonfiction – just avoid teaching-related books. You need to shut off your teacher brain to really relax.

Go Outside

Depending on where you are, this could look different. Here in Florida, it might be perfect walking/hiking/strolling weather. Maybe getting outside for you involves more outerwear 😁. Wherever you are, it is good for our bodies to spend time outside – and it is even better when you aren’t on recess duty.

Can’t Stop Thinking About Teaching? 


Connect with Someone about Teaching

You love teaching, or else you wouldn’t be teaching. But even something you love can be tiring. Give yourself an hour or two to connect with another teacher over a cup of coffee and talk about teaching if you want. DO NOT talk about the specifics of your classrooms or gripe about your school or students. Instead, use this time to reignite your reasons for teaching. 

Limit the Work You Do

If you do have work to take home, set a time limit for yourself. When that time is up, put it away – even if the task isn’t finished. If you aren’t careful, your entire break will be spent “catching up.” 

My strategy is to do any work I need to finish straight away, so the rest of my break is for me. (That is how I handle weekends, too. I would rather “eat the frog” and have the rest of the weekend without thinking about what all I need to do.)

Looking For Me Time? 


Get Some Alone Time

If you have a super-busy holiday with friends and family, you may need to plan some “me” time. Granted, I know some people recharge by being with people, but if you don’t, all those people might stress you out.  

We can love being with people, but we can also need time alone to breathe. If getting a day to yourself isn’t possible, find little chores that get you away from everyone. Offer to run to the grocery store, take out the trash, or even clean the garage!

Treat Yourself

Do you find massages relaxing? Get one! Do you love mani/pedis? Make it happen! Is cleaning the junk drawer relaxing for you? Do it! 

This idea may not be free, but if money is an issue, then perhaps do your own – or trade with a friend (I’ll do your nails if you do mine.) It doesn’t matter how you relax – just make sure you are intentional in treating yourself this week.

Be Intentional About Relaxing


Make A List

I know, how type A of me. But make a list of the few (no more than 5) things you want to do this break to relax. It is easy for our time to slip away mindlessly and be left saying to yourself I didn’t have time to relax this week!

Ditch The Technology

Your brain functions at a different, more stressed level when it encounters technology. Take a break from your computer for the week and keep your phone scrolling to a minimum. I know people who even delete apps to prevent the temptation to scroll!

Do Something Creative

Some people love to paint, while others enjoy drawing. Some people like to write. This week, create something with your hands. It is crazy how doing something so small can bring such joy.

Whatever you choose to do this week, I hope that it refreshes and recharges you. Enjoy your time off, and don’t work too hard! 

How do you relax over break? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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