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Like many elementary teachers, I struggled to cover all of my standards in the class time I had. I knew I would need to integrate subjects to teach all of the standards effectively. 

By integrating language arts and American history, I was able to not only thoroughly teach my social studies standards but also spend a lot more time teaching writing. My units also felt better organized, as the topics all connected and supported each other.

Integrated Subjects

I developed units for each American history topic I taught in upper elementary (4th, 5th, or 6th grade). Each unit integrates standards for:

  • American history
  • nonfiction reading
  • essay writing
  • research
  • writing opinion, informative, and narrative writing
  • speaking & listening

Not all standards are covered in every unit. The language arts standards are taught and revisited in different units.

Available Units

There are seven different units included that can be purchased individually or as a year-long bundle. The units are:

  • U.S. Geography (Regions)
  • Native Peoples
  • Exploration
  • Colonial America
  • American Revolution
  • Civics & Government
  • Westward Expansion (through 1860)

Each unit includes five different resources. These resources are:

  1. Social Studies Unit – This resource contains nonfiction texts and activities. Use this resource to teach the core social studies information. Most units also focus on a specific reading skill.
  2. Exit Tickets – A complete set of exit tickets can be used as formative assessments throughout your social studies unit. These can also be used to spiral and review information throughout the year.
  3. Clip Cards – These resources contain 50 self-checking cards that review the key social studies concepts. Teachers can use these as an early finisher activity, a center, a class review game, or even send them home with students for extra practice.
  4. Paired Passages – The paired passages include texts written on three different reading levels: 4th, 5th, & 6th grades. The texts connect to the social studies standards and include both reading comprehension questions and an extended-essay writing prompt. 
  5. Writing Resource – These resources vary from unit to unit. The writing focuses changes so that students have hit all of the writing standards by the end of the year: research, opinion, informative, and narrative. Each writing unit also connects to the social studies standards. Teachers can select particular pieces to take through the writing process or allow students to choose which pieces they want to publish.

Benefits Of Integrated Units

These resources have been used by teachers across the country. Teachers have reported a variety of benefits to using these resources:

Flexibility – The units can be used in different ways. Teachers have used them with their 4th and 5th grade students, as well as with middle school ESE students.

Time-Saving – No more stress over plans! These units cut down planning time, as they cover the majority of social studies and ELA standards. They are written to Florida state standards for social studies, and common core for ELA. (Literature and Language Standards are not covered.)

Differentiated – Some units have built-in differentiation or can easily be differentiated to meet students’ needs.

Assessments Included – The units include both formative and summative assessments. The resources include different assessments:

  • A summative unit test with each social studies unit
  • Reading comprehension checks in the paired passages
  • Rubrics for the writing activities
  • The exit tickets and clip cards are formative assessments

Teacher Reviews

Teachers have been satisfied with these units. Look what buyers have said about the different resources:

Age of Exploration Bundle

Alison S. said, “I really enjoyed this bundle. I was able to use different passages to dive deeper with my students all while keeping them from getting overwhelmed from a surplus of information! Next week we are going to use this in centers to help with text evidence!”

Colonial America Bundle

Gina V. said, “I LOVE everything about this product! I’ve always looked for ways to integrate other subjects into my kids learning and this has it all!”

U.S. Government & Civics Flipbook Unit

Cynthia T. said, “First, the content is spot on for my class. Second, I appreciate the different formats available. Third, I like that there are a combination of notes and individual student summaries. Thanks for an awesome resource!!” 

U.S. Geography Regions Research Project

Katherine F. said, “I used this product to guide my students in a research project and they LOVED IT! There were opportunities for student choice, and creativity in research which was great!”

Native American Paired Passages

Meghan C. said, “Very helpful resource for our focus study of different Native American regions! The students can practice finding evidence, using text features, as well as learn about the different regional tribes.”

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