10 Most Blog Posts Of 2019

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2019 is just about over. 

Can you believe that? 

2019 has been a really full year; with some great things and some not-so-great things. 

At the end of the year, I can look back and be really grateful. 

I’m grateful for my family and friends. 

I’m grateful for the opportunities my family has had this year. 


I’m grateful for this community. This year has been so rewarding for this community. 

Just a few months ago, we launched the Upper Elementary Teachers’ Lounge, a Facebook group for teachers to find connection, inspiration, and support. 

We also released an American History/ELA Integrated Curriculum Bundle

On top of these exciting things, we got to connect with you through our blog posts. 

I wanted to take today and take a quick look at a few of my favorite blog posts of the year.

The 10 Most Read Blog Posts Of 2019



10 Great Children’s Books That Teach About Nouns

In this blog post, we go over 10 books that are sure to help your students learn about nouns.






How To Create A Curriculum Map

It takes a lot of planning to incorporate every standard into your curriculum. Read this blog post for tips on how to create a curriculum map (and grab a FREEBIE here too!)


How to Prep for Testing – Before It’s Too Late!

Honestly, testing will be here before you know it, and before you feel prepared for it. In this blog post, we talk about ways you can start prepping your students for testing now.




13 Low Prep Review Games to Use in Your Classroom

There comes a point as you are prepping for testing that your students get a little stir-crazy. You know they need a break, but you can’t really afford to give them one. That is where review games come in! This blog post has 13 low prep games for you to play in your classroom.


How to Prepare for Testing: A Teacher’s Guide

You spend a lot of time preparing your students for testing, but you do very little to prepare yourself for the long, strenuous days of testing. Read this blog for ways to prepare yourself for testing.



10 Nonfiction Books For Your Classroom

One of the facets of our jobs as educators is to help our students learn to love reading. In order to give students a full picture, we should be introducing them to every appropriate genre of books, including nonfiction. This blog has 10 great nonfiction titles for your students.


Using Novels In The Classroom

I loved using novels in my classroom. You can introduce so many different concepts and teach students how to read, write, recognize parts of speech, and so much more than that. Open up this blog to watch my video series on using novels in the classroom.




Finding Teacher Support When You Feel Alone

You spend your whole day around people (albeit young people), but even so, teaching can feel lonely at times. most people would say that they have a support system of some sort in their school, but if you don’t, you aren’t alone! Read this blog post for ways to find support outside of your school.

2019 In Conclusion

2019 has been an amazing year and I’m thankful for all that it has brought to me. 

I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store of all of us!


Over twenty plus years, my educational career has spanned four continents and two states, as well as eight grade levels!

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