Celebrating The End Of The Year (Virtually) With Your Students

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The end of this school year will look far different than what it usually does. 

Instead of our usual class parties full of games, dances, and snacks, teachers have to figure out how to celebrate virtually. 

How do we celebrate this school year ending from our computers? 

Here are some ideas for you!

Easy Ways To Celebrate At Home

Virtual Talent Show

Everyone likes to show off what they are good at. Organize a virtual talent show by giving your students time to shine doing a talent (previously approved by you). Join in on their fun by doing something yourself!

Guest Speakers

Just like in a real classroom, students in your virtual classroom are probably tired of hearing you speak the whole time. Arrange to have some guest speakers chat with your class. In a similar fashion to a talent show, you can have guest speakers do something they are good at, like magic tricks or reading a story.

Typing Club 

Typing Club is a fun way to reinforce your students’ typing skills. They even coordinate with Google Classroom as an easy add on. Have your students challenge each other to increase the virtual interaction. Click here to learn more. 


StoryJumper is a really fun way to encourage students’ creativity. Using StoryJumper, students can create their own story, design their characters, and even add their own voice. If you give students enough time, you could have a StoryJumper Day and have them present their stories to the class. Click here to learn more. 

Have a Virtual Class Party

Organize a time for students to meet online for a class party! Have everyone bring their favorite snacks. Turn on some fun music, turn on a fun backdrop, and party. You can play a game with them. Have students share their favorite memory from the year. For inspiration, check out John Krasinski’s Some Good News on YouTube, and see how he held a virtual prom.

Record A Video

I am really of the opinion that students miss seeing your face. There is something so incredibly reassuring about seeing your teacher and I think our students are missing that. 

With that in mind, record a video to share with your students. Talk to them about how thankful you are that you had them in class, how proud you are of how they figured out how to do school at home, etc. 

What are your ideas for ending the year? I’d love to hear them!

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