7 Ways to Recharge your Batteries

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Wow – what a year we’ve had. 

It is hard to believe that only a few months ago we were teaching conventionally in classrooms. Being in the classroom feels like it was years ago.

So much has happened that it can be extremely overwhelming to think about what the next year of education will look like. 

For most of you, school is out for the summer- or will be soon. While you may be concerned with what the fall will look like, now is the time for you to take some time to recharge your batteries. 

With such a different end of the school year, you may be feeling very unsettled. 

Let me just say this: I understand. 

I, too, feel unsure as to what next year will look like, but it is important for you to take a breath. We have to prepare ourselves for whatever next year will be. 

One of the best ways we can do that is to slow down and mentally switch off. 

With so much conversation about the guidelines of social distancing and some areas still being closed, many of our go-to self-care/recharge places are not options. 

With that in mind, I’ve come up with a few alternative ideas for you to recharge your batteries this summer. 

7 Ways to Recharge Your Batteries


With education’s quick transition to online learning, we have all spent so much time on computers, screens, phones, and other forms of technology. 

If you’re like me, your brain is a bit fried. We were not wired to have our eyes trained on screens for so many hours a day. 

Let your eyes and your brain take a break from the computer by reading a printed book. If you’re looking for great PD books, you can check out a previous post I’ve written about that very thing. 

There is nothing wrong with pulling out your favorite novel, either, for a complete break from school! 

Connect with Someone!

Has your day been filled to the brim with Zoom calls, virtual conferences, and endless emails? I get it! 

Take the time to connect with a friend or family member in whatever way feels most comfortable to you. 

Note: sometimes it is really nice to talk to someone and not even discuss teaching. Other times it is really nice to talk to someone about teaching. I suggest doing whichever one helps you relax!

Get Organized!

I don’t know what the restrictions are in your district or how much time, if any, you had in your classroom at the end of the school year. But if possible, I always find that getting reorganized helps my brain relax. Knowing that I have my classroom organized makes me feel like I don’t have to think about it over break. 

Enjoy Your Mornings!

Ah, what a joy it is to have your hot morning beverage as it was intended to be, hot! However you prefer to use your morning hours (sleeping in, exercising, reading,etc.), enjoy the freedom to do so over the summer months.

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Do Your Version of Self-Care!

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen more information on self-care than I have these past few months. With everyone feeling the stress of our situation, more people than ever are talking about self-care. 

The most interesting part of this is you can see some versions of self-care and go, “oh no, that is not for me”, or “that would stress me out more, not relax me”. 

So, find your version of self-care and take the time to do it. 

Keep a Gratefulness Journal

I think this one is especially important because of everything that has happened this year. The world can feel hopeless at times, which is why I think it is really important for us to take time to really reflect upon what we have to be grateful for. I know my attitude changes when I focus on gratitude instead of my own frustrations. 

Give Yourself Time

If there is one thing that every teacher has in common, it is the fact that we are all givers. We give of ourselves, our time and energy, our focus and attention, we give our lives to our jobs. 

But remember, you have summer break for a reason. Give yourself some time to not think about work. Give yourself space away from your work. You need it to be able to come back to your students recharged and prepared for the fall. 

I hope that you are able to take some time over the summer break to recharge your batteries and prepare yourself for the next school year, whatever it may look like. 

Do you have other ways to recharge your batteries? I’d love to hear them. Let me know in the comments below. 

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