BalloonPop™ Digital Review Games for ELA and Math

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Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to review language arts and math skills with your upper elementary students? Check out BalloonPop™!

What is BalloonPop™?

BalloonPop™ is a no-prep digital review game. Students answer multiple choice questions and pop a balloon when they answer correctly. The game can be single player, multiplayer, or even used by teams!

BalloonPop™ games come with both PowerPoint and Google™ Slides versions, allowing teachers a lot of flexibility in how they use the games with their students. The PowerPoint version is great for multiplayer or teams. The Google™ Slides version uses the same questions as the PowerPoint version, but is set up for one player.

In each resource, teachers receive two 30 question PowerPoint™ games, as well as four 15 question Google™ Slides games. This allows teachers to either use them in small groups or whole class, use them as a center activity, or use them in distance/on-line learning.

How Do You Play BalloonPop™?

In PowerPoint™ 

Game play starts on a selection board (like Jeopardy.) A player selects a question, and then the game opens the question. If the player selects an incorrect answer, the game goes to slide that informs them the answer was incorrect, then redirects them back to the question to try again. The incorrect answers turn color once they are selected to help players remember what they had chosen. 

If the player selects the correct answer, it takes them to a slide that tells them the answer is correct. As a reward, the slide links to a carnival slide where there is a balloon dart game, like people play at county fairs. Players can select any balloon on the board to pop. A dart flies across the screen and “pops” the balloon, revealing a number. That is the number of points the player or team earns. The points vary in units of 25 from 25 – 200. These point totals are mixed up in different games, so that the big points are not always in the same locations. PowerPoint™ will not keep track of the points, so players need to track the own scores.

After popping a balloon, the game goes back to the question selection screen. Players can play until all thirty questions are selected or until they have run out of time.

In Google™ Slides

These games are set up for one player. Instead of selecting questions, players are taken to a question automatically. Like the PowerPoint™ game, incorrect answers redirect students back to the question to try again (the words will not change color like they do in PowerPoint™.) Correct answers reward the player with a gif of a balloon popping, then take the player to the next question. Students continue playing until they have correctly answered all fifteen questions. Students are rewarded with a congratulations gif after they correctly answer the final question.

How Do BalloonPop™ Games Work?

The animated PowerPoint™ is played in Slide Show mode. It does require PowerPoint to work, as well as a trackpad or a mouse. (Touchscreen do not activate the animations.) It will work with the PowerPoint™ app, as long as the device has a mouse or trackpad.

The Google™ Slides games work on any smart device in Google™ Slides, including tablets and phones. Players begin the game by putting it in Present mode (found under View.) The Google™ Slides games can be used with a touchscreen or a mouse or trackpad.

Teaching Ideas4U Balloon Pop ELA and Math

Which Devices are Compatible with BalloonPop™?

BalloonPop™ is compatible with PCs and Macs, as well as tablets and smartphones. 

However, the PowerPoint™ animated games must be played in PowerPoint™ with either a mouse or trackpad. It does work with the free PowerPoint™ app.

The Google™ Slides games can be played on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, tablets, iPads™, or smartphones in Google slides.

How Many Students Can Play BalloonPop™?

The games can be played by a single player, multiplayers, or even whole class. Teachers have the flexibility to use the games in a variety of ways.

Can I check the students’ work?

A recording sheet is included if teachers would like the students to turn in their work.

How do you transfer BalloonPop™ to students’ devices?

Yes! Instructions for how to do this are included in the resource, as well as how to assign the game in Google Classroom™.

How does BalloonPop™ compare to your Test Prep games?

These BalloonPop™ games use the same questions that are in the Grammar & Spelling Jenga and Vocabulary Kerplunk Test Prep games. We will keep the cost of the BalloonPop™ games low so that teachers who purchased the Test Prep games can purchase the activities in a digital and distance-learning friendly at an affordable price.

What are people saying about BalloonPop™?

“It is so fun. You have to answer a question correctly., but then you get to pop a balloon!” Elise A., 3rd grade student

“BalloonPop is entertaining and educational! My son, who is school-avoidant, could not get enough of the educational game and kept wanting to go back and play more.” – Rena C., parent

What BalloonPop™ Games are Available to Purchase?

Currently, BalloonPop™ is available for: 

  • 3rd Grade Grammar and Spelling
  • 4th Grade Grammar and Spelling
  • 5th Grade Grammar and Spelling
  • 5th Grade Math: Multiplying Fractions

More BalloonPop™ games are coming soon, including 6th Grade Grammar and Spelling, Vocabulary for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, and a bundle for 5th grade Common Core Math.

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