How to Teach the Presidential Election Process to Students

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With the Presidential Election coming soon, I like to get my students involved and educated in the process. Even adults don’t always understand the many steps in electing the U.S. president! 

With this in mind, I created the Presidential Election Process & Inauguration Texts and Activities.  

This civics unit teaches students about the election process, focusing on the Electoral College, caucuses and primaries, Inauguration Day, and the Oath of Office. Students read about each step in the electoral process, as well as explore the reasons people argue for and against keeping the Electoral College. For a formative assessment, students place the events of the election process in order on a review activity.

For extension activities, the Presidential Election Process resource includes excerpts from President Kennedy and President Reagan’s First Inaugural Addresses. These are perfect for integrating reading skills with social studies! Teachers could have students listen to the speeches, then analyze how the delivery affects its impact. Social studies teachers can also use the Inaugural Addresses to analyze how presidents use them to inspire citizens and begin their presidency.

Each text has questions designed to help students identify the main ideas and check their comprehension.  

Include in the resource are eight texts and one activity: 

  • Understanding the Electoral College
  • Debating the Electoral College: For
  • Debating the Electoral College: Against
  • Comparing Caucuses & Primaries
  • Inauguration Day
  • Analyzing the Oath of Office
  • Kennedy’s Inaugural Address
  • Reagan’s Inaugural Address
  • The Road to the White House Timeline 

Teachers can pick and choose which texts and activities to use. An answer key is included.

This resource is designed for 6th – 8th grade students and is provided to you in PDF format. 

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