Teachers and students alike have had to re-learn how school works. 

Being such a major topic, we’ve discussed it a lot on the blog over the past few months. 

I thought it would be beneficial to link all of these articles in one place for easier navigation.

Best Articles To Read For Maximizing Your Lessons During Distance Learning

How To Engage Students In Online Learning

Back in August, I wanted to share some information on how to best engage students in online learning. My friend Debbie from Live, Laugh, Love to Learn wrote an article full of tips from  the trenches that I highly recommend.

Top Tip For Successful Online Learning

Like we’ve said, this school year has been as much of a challenge for students as it has been for teachers. I wrote this article with parents in mind as they prepared for their kids to stay home and participate in virtual learning.

Teach Online and Save Your Sanity

Teaching can be difficult to do well in a brick and mortar setting. Teaching online is a whole different ball game that no one prepared for. This article is full of tips and tricks for you, the teacher, as you teach online.

How To Increase Student Engagement In Synchronous Lessons

As the novelty of learning at home has worn off, it has become a bit trickier to keep students engaged while learning virtually. (I mean I get distracted sometimes too!) This article has some really helpful ideas for increasing engagement in your virtual classroom.

Is A Flipped Classroom Right For You?

Flipped classrooms are a fairly new phenomenon but one that is quickly picking up momentum. With just a few tweaks, you can easily turn your virtual classroom into a flipped classroom. Read this article for more information.

Using Power Standards

Do you know what power standards are? I loved using power standards in my classroom and I think you will too! Read this article to learn more about Power Standards and how to use them.

Save Class Time With Integrated Instruction

There are seasons in our classroom where it doesn’t seem like we have enough time to cover all of our standards. That is why I love using integrated instruction! And yes, we do look at how to use integrated instruction in an online classroom. 

I hope that this roundup of articles makes it easier for you to find what you need to make your online classroom a success!

Use These Resources to Maximize Your Online Classroom!