How To Successfully Write Constructed Response Essays

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Do you remember the last time you took an exam? 

Think back to that feeling in your gut as you walked into that room, with only your pencil, blank paper, and mind to accomplish your goal of an A+ (or a passing grade). 

Are you sweating a little bit? 

Think then, how our students feel when standardized testing rolls around. 

Students can feel incredibly uncomfortable and overwhelmed by the reality of testing. 

A typical situation I see is a student going completely blank when it is time to write a constructed-response essay during standardized testing. 

As a fairly decent writer in school, I was always frustrated by what I thought was the lack of time for me to prepare my thoughts as fully as I usually did. I never felt extremely confident in those essays. 

It makes perfect sense for students to panic and blank on constructed-response essays – but it doesn’t have to be this way! 

I have come up with simple and easy to implement ways students can prepare themselves for writing essays during standardized testing. 

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