Math Test Prep Games For Your Classroom

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Did you know students build synapses up to 40 times faster through play than other learning methods?

Typical test prep can feel incredibly monotonous, for both teachers and students – the endless drills, memorization, and pop quizzes can be draining for everyone involved.

On the other hand, games don’t even feel like learning! Students can interact and have fun while practicing what they have learned. Games review concepts in a non-threatening way – there are no grades to worry about and friends can help you understand what to do.

You can check out all of my test prep games at my store here. While I have a ton of ELA games, today we are focusing on Math Test Prep Games!

Math Test Prep Games

I have created a TON of different games for you to play in your classroom, including Kerplunk, Jenga, and other game shows!


This engaging review game has 60 questions, 20 of each of these three categories:

  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Fractions

The skills covered in this game are focused on 3rd-grade Common Core or Florida Math Standards. This resource includes a complete answer key as well. 

Click on the photo to learn more and pick yours up now.

TeachingIdeas4U Kerplunk


This game is perfect for centers! 

This game includes 60 questions, 10 in each of the following categories:

  • Time
  • Liquids & Mass
  • Length
  • Area & Perimeter
  • Rounding
  • Addition & Subtraction

Your students will love having a chance at playing Jenga when they get the right answer.

Click on the photo to learn more!


Game Show

Who doesn’t love a good game show?

With questions in multiplication, division, fractions, measurement, and word problems, your students will enjoy answering these 30 questions game-show style. 

Check out this fun resource by clicking on the photo below. 

Practice Test

I created this resource for my classroom because I felt that if my students could see what the test looked like beforehand, they would feel more comfortable and prepared.

The questions in this resource are written in different formats, which will help students get a better understanding of the test itself. 

This review includes a complete answer key too!

Click on the photo to learn more!

Math Test Prep Money Saving Bundle

My Math Test Prep Bundle has everything you need to prepare your 3rd-grade class for the standardized test. 

As you can see, every resource is available individually, but you do save money by purchasing the bundle! 

If you’ve already purchased any of these products, you can submit a ticket to TPT and get the cost of that product refunded to you. 

Click on the photo to grab your bundle now!


Do you have questions about any of my Math Test Prep Games?

Just contact me at the bottom of this page; I would love to help you!

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