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Picture this:

You tell your students it is time to focus on reading. The kids that enjoy reading get right down to it. The others collectively groan and complain, saying things like…

“Why do we have to practice reading?”

“We already know how to read!”

“Can’t we do something more fun?”

Does this feel familiar to you? 

When I was in the classroom, teaching my students how to read was like pulling teeth. It was difficult to get students involved. 

I could teach a mini-lesson, but it was often difficult to know if students understood the lesson and if they were able to use it independently.

I wanted easy-to-use lessons that would work with any book and could be used by students on different ability levels. When I didn’t find what I was looking for, I decided to create it! 

Enter my Reading Strategies Units.

Reading Strategies Units 

After realizing that what I was looking for didn’t exist, I knew that I couldn’t be the only teacher needing more support in this area. 

That is why I created these reading strategy units. Each of my units is designed for one week of instruction and contains:

  • Notes
  • Practice in a small group or with a partner
  • Journal
  • Individual Practice
  • Assessment

I have eight different units on reading strategies for you to utilize in your classroom. They focus on these strategies:

  • Visualizing
  • Text Features
  • Inference
  • Questioning
  • Main Idea
  • Text Structure
  • Summarizing
  • Synthesizing

You can purchase each unit individually, or you can save some cash and purchase the units as a bundle.

Reading Strategies Digital Units

You asked and we answered! 

My team has been working hard at taking our reading strategies and making them digital for you to use in your online classrooms. 

I’m thrilled to tell you that all of our reading strategies have been converted to digital. You can now purchase these digital reading strategy units individually or as a bundle.

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