Roundup of B.E.S.T.

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Florida is changing standards in Math and ELA to B.E.S.T. 

(Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking). 

Over the summer, I discussed in detail all of the changes made from 2nd – 6th grade in both Math and ELA. 

Some of the changes are not a huge shift from the current standards, but some skills shifted to a different grade level. 

I wanted to take a minute and give a quick overview of each standard shift and create a hub for you to have quick access to all of my BEST posts. 

We will start by looking at the shift in ELA standards. 

ELA B.E.S.T. Standards

2nd Grade ELA BEST Standards

2nd-grade teachers will be able to continue teaching the content they have in the previous years and they will meet the standards without any issue. Click on the photo to read my in-depth look at the change in standards. 


3rd Grade ELA BEST Standards

3rd-grade teachers can mostly continue teaching how they have in the past years without any problems. Teachers may want to include higher-level thinking skills. Grammar standards have changed significantly. Click on the photo to read more!


4th Grade ELA BEST Standards

Those teaching 4th grade will see that many of the standards remain the same or incredibly similar. They do need to be sure to cover the ELA expectations standard. Grammar standards have changed significantly. Read more here.

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5th Grade ELA BEST Standards

It appears that the 5th grade standards imitate a lot of the 4th grade standards. Teachers will want to continue to cover the reading skills they are currently teaching. Grammar standards have changed significantly.  Click on the photo to learn more.


6th Grade ELA BEST Standards

The literature standards in 6th grade have a total shift that teachers need to pay attention to. Writing hasn’t really changed. Grammar standards have changed significantly. Read more by clicking on the photo below.


Math B.E.S.T. Standards

2nd Grade Math BEST Standards

There are more subcategories in BEST standards than before, which isn’t necessarily bad. There are major changes in Geometry that should be considered by 2nd-grade teachers. Click on the photo to learn more.

3rd Grade Math BEST Standards

3rd-grade teachers will see that the standards did not change much at all. They will need to rethink their scope and sequence. Read more here. 


4th Grade Math BEST Standards

There are not a lot of changes in concepts for 4th grade. There are specific building blocks that have been taken out that could pose a problem. Click here to read more.

Teaching Ideas 4U - Amy Mezni - Reading Comprehension Questions

5th Grade Math BEST Standards

5th grade does not see a lot of changes in concept, but there are a few important changes to take note of. Read more of them here.

TeachingIdeas4u5thMathBestBLOG Images

6th Grade Math BEST Standards

In general, the standards for 6th grade did not change very much. They did remove Pi, but it seems like students will continue to learn the same concepts. Click here for more information.

The BEST standards are being implemented in Florida schools starting this fall. 
Do you teach in Florida? How do these changes affect your classroom? I’d love to hear your perspective. Comment below or email me.

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