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I always struggled to teach World History. It was just one of those subjects that had a lot of content but not a lot of effective tools for teaching it. 

The ancient world can seem so remote, making it difficult to motivate students (and some adults) to care about what happened during the time period. 

Understanding world history gives students a foundation for understanding today’s societies.  When we examine world history, we learn about societies, philosophies, and governments that highly influenced modern countries. 

So if we know that we should teach world history the next question is, how do we effectively teach this massive subject? 

Make World History Lesson Planning Easier

World History can be a daunting subject to teach simply because of the huge amount of content there is to cover in the course of a school year. 

Most teachers are not specialists in all of the cultures they have to teach, which can make it time consuming to prep lessons. I know I always felt insecure teaching topics that I didn’t have a strong knowledge of, and that it often took me a few years to develop that knowledge.

When I also had to prep for multiple classes, I often felt overwhelmed with how much I had to do – and my personal life usually suffered while I tried to learn and write lessons.

I wanted to make the lessons interesting for students, but I usually followed the textbook because I just didn’t have time to create every lesson.

Once I had basic lessons made, I had time to work on planning hands-on activities for my students – but it took so long to get to that point.

World History PowerPoint Bundle

Do your lessons overwhelm you? 

Or maybe you just want to have your evenings and weekends back?

My Ancient World History PowerPoint bundle has everything you need to teach your 6th – 8th grade Social Studies curriculum for an entire school year. The presentations cover all the core knowledge needed to teach the different ancient cultures.

Each presentation is included in both PowerPoint and Google Slides, so you can use these presentations in a virtual or physical classroom. 

The presentations are broken into student-friendly chunks, so teachers can use them in a variety of ways.

You can use these presentations in different ways:

  • Teacher-led instruction
  • Flipped classroom
  • Online learning 

The included units are:

  • What is Social Studies? Geography, Economics, & Citizenship 
  • Early Agricultural Revolution & Mesopotamia
  • Ancient Egypt & Kush
  • The Israelites (Ancient Israel) & The Rise of Christianity
  • Ancient Greeks & Greek Civilization
  • Ancient India 
  • Early China & Imperial China
  • Rome: Republic to Empire & Roman Republic 
  • The Americas & Their Early Peoples 

Click on the photo below to check out this growing bundle. 




Do you have questions about my World History bundle? Just email me!



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