Common Core Posters & Checklists Update

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Does tracking your students’ progress on different standards intimidate you? 

I totally get it. 

Depending on what grade and subject you teach, you are trying to keep track of often 25 students at a time, with most of you tracking more. 

How do you effectively keep track of it all? And how can you do it quickly?

Moreover, how can your students take charge of their learning – instead of you doing it all?

With my Student Checklists, both your and your students can easily track which standards have been taught and their achievement level on each!

Autofill PDFS & Google Slides, Oh My!

Get excited! I’ve been working hard on updating my “I Can” Checklists and Posters. Over the past few months, I updated these resources, and I’m so excited to share them with you.

I am most excited at the improved functionality of the checklists. They no longer need to be printed – now teachers can type directly in the PDF or Google Slides. Also, the checklists now include two types of pages: 

  • Pages with all the standards together (perfect for tracking lessons taught and student data folders).
  • Pages with one standard at the top and room for twenty-five student names. These are perfect for tracking students’ progress on a specific standard and planning small groups.

The checklists and posters have an all-new design that helps them coordinate better. Each subsection of standards has a doodle icon that is used in both the checklist and posters – making it easy for students to locate the correct section in their data folders.

I also changed the resources to be black and white. I know a lot of you are like me and appreciate color. However, both the checklists and posters can be printed on colored paper – and printing in black and white is much more affordable. You can also color code the standards by printing each subsection on different colors (e.g. literature on blue, informational text on yellow, etc.)

My updated checklists and posters are available to you right now in my TeachersPayTeachers shop. If you previously purchased them, just go to your My Purchases area and download the update for FREE. 

These checklists and posters are a great classroom tool to get your students involved in their own learning and track their progress, and they make it easy for teachers to keep track of which standards they have covered.


CCSS Checklists and Posters are available for grades kindergarten – 8th grade. 

Why use these checklists and posters? Look at what other teachers have said:

“It helped keep our goals at the forefront of my students’ minds as we worked each day.  It also helped me stay the course and focus my assessments!” – 4th-grade teacher

“I love this purchase. I previously purchased the “I Can” posters for 5th grade. When I moved to 4th grade this year, I knew I needed these “I Can” posters for my new grade level. This year, they have been so beneficial because I can use them for both distance learning and in-person (and it just so happens that I am teaching both). They go great in a PowerPoint, Google Slide, Canvas assignment, or printed for display in the classroom. As a bonus, I now have the checklists that accompanied the “I Can” posters from this purchase. These are so handy for keeping my grades organized! I look forward to being able to utilize them for the full year next year. Thank you to Amy Mezni for this awesome product!” 4th-grade teacher 

“My students and I loved using this resource. This not only helped me keep track of standards master, but also my students could see clearly the standards they struggled with or had strengths in. Highly recommend this resource!” – 6th-grade teacher

In my classroom, I found my students felt more ownership in their learning when they tracked their progress. My students wanted to see their growth!

With a bit of guidance and practice, your students can learn how to honestly evaluate themselves and their own learning.

Do you have any questions about these “I Can” Posters & Checklists? Just email me, I’d love to help!

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