Easy Ways To Engage Students Before Break

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It is a truth known by teachers all over the world that the days before a break don’t follow the rules of time. ⏰

I don’t know how it works, but don’t the days leading up to a break just move at a sloth-like pace? 

You certainly aren’t in the state of mind to cover any new content (and hopefully you’re finished with your unit before the last few days of school!). And honestly, we all know that your students are not in the mood to sit still and learn new information either. 

What can we do in our classroom that isn’t another animated film or “filler”? I found that boring activities led to behavior problems, as kids who were ready for break disengage and made their own fun.

So how do you effectively fill the days before a break? 

I have a few ideas for you! These ideas are quick, simple, and either free or low-cost. 

Click on the photo to read more about how I engage my students before a break! 



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