5th Grade Math Test Prep Bundle

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Are your students getting tired of preparing for their tests? I know my son sure is.

There comes a point in time where students (and teachers. AND parents) are just over talking about and prepping for testing. 

We have done review after review, quick drills, practice tests, and more. Eyes roll if you mention reviewing.

What else is there to do? Review is good for students – but only if they are engaged and actively participate.

Enter test prep games.

Using Test Prep Games In Your Classroom

I’ve always found using games in my classroom was an effective way to keep my students engaged in whatever we were doing. 

Whether it was reviewing a concept, lesson, or an entire unit, my students LOVED playing games.

I also discovered that when students played games, they felt less pressure to get the answer correctly. Less stress meant their fight or flight response didn’t engage, allowing students to truly review what they knew. 

Research supports that students learn concepts through play much faster than other ways of learning. I highly recommend using games as a way to prepare students for testing! 

Because of how much my students enjoyed using games, I created them to cover different topics, and they are all available in my TPT store. I recently finished math bundles for grades 3, 4, and 5 as well. You can click on the photos below to browse your grade. 

5th Grade MATH Test Prep Bundle

Prepare your FIFTH GRADE students for the Math FSA test! This resource includes 4 games and 1 math practice test. Build confidence and test-taking skills and have fun while learning!

Bundle Includes: 

Standards & Testing

  • Reviews 5th Grade Common Core Standards
    If your state standards are based on the Common Core, this resource will likely align. Resources cover a majority of tested standards. 
  • Great Review for FSA

The FSA standardized test is similar to AIR.

Click on the photo to grab your copy today! 


Do you have questions about using games as test prep in your classroom? Let me know. I’d love to help!

Over twenty plus years, my educational career has spanned four continents and two states, as well as eight grade levels!

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