Ancient & World History Teaching Resources

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Are you looking for student-friendly resources that will help your students master content from Ancient and World history? My presentations and correlated notes and assessments will make planning a breeze.

Each topic has presentations, interactive notebooks, digital notebooks, and a hexagonal thinking activity. Use them all or pick which you need. Available topics include:

  • What is Social Studies? Geography, Economics, & Citizenship
  • Early Agricultural Revolution & Mesopotamia
  • Ancient Egypt & Kush
  • The Israelites (Ancient Israel) & The Rise of Christianity
  • Ancient Greeks & Greek Civilization
  • Ancient India
  • Early China & Imperial China
  • Rome: Republic to Empire & Civilization
  • The Americas & Their Early Peoples


The material is broken into different presentations, so teachers can easily assign work to students. Each presentation is included in both PowerPoint and Google Slides. The presentations are written on a middle-school level.

The text on the slides is editable, but the backgrounds and images are not. Students can use text-to-speech apps to read the text.

Teachers could use these presentations for teacher-led-instruction. They could also assign the presentations as reading in a flipped classroom or online learning.

Digital Notebooks

The digital notebooks cover the same material, activities, and assessments as the printable notebooks. However, the digital versions can be used for differentiation or to change up the class routine. Teachers can also print the answer keys for students who need notes provided.

Hexagonal Thinking Activities 

Each topic has a hexagonal thinking activity. These activities are a great way to engage students with the core concepts of the units. They can be used as formative assessments after each lesson or as a summative assessment.


With these resources, world history teachers can quickly plan their lessons. With both digital and printable options, they are prepared for emergencies or a sudden change of plans. They can use the activities in the notebooks and the hexagonal thinking activity as formative assessments throughout the units, and then use the provided test for the summative assessment. 

These resources are not only student-friendly, but also teacher-friendly! Resources are available both individually and in bundles.

World History Presentations Bundle

World History Interactive Notebook Bundle

World History Digital Notebook Bundle

World History Hexagonal Thinking Bundle

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