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Does anyone feel like this summer has completely flown by? 


This feeling happens every year. There just isn’t enough time before school begins. 

With the school year looming close at hand, we all need to start thinking about how we are going to make the upcoming year a success. 

I’ve been working over the summer to make sure you have everything you need to save your valuable time and money. 

The start of the school year can be an interesting time. You are trying to implement your rules, help everyone understand how your classroom is run, and get to know all of your new students. 

Trying to figure everything out can be a little overwhelming, which is why I have specific products just for the beginning of the school year. 

Here are a few of my favorite products to use at the beginning of the school year!

Standards Posters

Standards are an essential part of teaching. Many teachers post the target standards, and I found it time-consuming to write them every day. Instead, I typed them all and printed them – and saved so much time in the long run.

These posters are written in student-friendly language, with the standard starting as “I Can”. 

If your school requires them to be posted in the classroom, having these posters printed and ready to hang saves you so much time. 

I have standards posters for both Florida BEST Standards and CCSS in various grades. 

You can check out these posters in my TPT store right now. Just click here!

Standards Checklists

I don’t know about you, but I am a checklist kind of gal. I need a checklist so I can remember what I am doing – and what I already did. 

I created these standards checklists to use as a reference when I wrote lesson plans.  With them, I could easily see what I already taught, what I needed to cover, as well as what I needed to review.

I also used these checklists for data tracking. The checklists are great for tracking your students’ mastery level of each standard. With that data at your fingertips, creating small groups by ability is a snap.. 

If you have your students track their learning, print a copy of the standards for each student, put them in folders, and use them for data folders.

Just like my standards posters, I have checklists created for both BEST and CCSS in various grades. 

You can learn more about my standards checklists in my TPT store.


Class Information Booklet

Trying to figure out how to give parents ALL the information they need to know about your class? 

Use my editable class information booklet to summarize everything students and their families need to know. Send it home with them at Open House or Meet the Teacher night, and rest easy knowing they have all the information in one place.

Click on the photo to grab your copy now.

All About Me Flipbook

Do you want to get to know your students and help them work on their Growth Mindset

Use the All About Me Flipbook with a Learning Styles Inventory, Personality Test (Introvert vs. Extrovert), & Multiple Intelligences Survey!

These quizzes are perfect for Back to School, Open House, or a metacognition unit.

Treat Tags


If you like to recognize students for birthdays and achievements but not break your budget, try Treat Tags! 

My treat tags have punny sayings that can be used throughout the year – back to school, holidays, end of the year, parent volunteers, motivation, and more. 

Just print them on paper, card stock, or sticker labels and attach them to a school supply or small treat. 

There are 60 different options for you, so you won’t find yourself running out of tags anytime soon!

Back-to-School season is fun, busy, and exciting, but also potentially chaotic. These handy resources will help make your Back-to-School – and the rest of the year – go smoothly. 

Do you have any questions about my back-to-school products? Just shoot me an email!

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