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Engaging Word Work

Since I will only be teaching language arts and social studies next year, I have been doing a lot of reading on best practices.  Many teachers are blogging about using the Daily 5 successfully, and I think I may give it a try next year.  When I...

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Making Magic in the Classroom

Inspiration comes in the strangest places.  Mine came in Vegas while shopping for a gift for my son.  After looking at a lot of $30 t-shirts that I was NOT about to buy for a kid that ends up wearing every meal, I was desperate.  Desperate!  I...

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Reflections on a School Year: What Worked!

I have to say that reading blogs and becoming part of the TPT community really helped me to find some great new classroom management and curriculum ideas.  (Okay, they were new to ME.)  Classroom management has never my best or easiest skill, and this last year was...

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Visual Perception in Children

Have you ever had a student that struggled to identity letters or shapes?  Yes, some students do reverse letters, but I mean students that have a hard time even matching a cross with a cross or a circle with a circle.  This difficulty may be a sign that the...

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Problems with Eye Movements

Have you ever had a students who moved his or her whole head when the read?  If you did, he or she looked a little bit like a chicken pecking corn. You probably wondered how in the world they could read like that.The answer: they couldn't.What are Eye...

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Sign of Double Vision in Students

Double vision is fairly common among children.  It is estimated that about two children in every classroom have double vision.  Double vision is also called eye teaming.Like many other vision problems, signs of double vision become more prevalent after 3rd...

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Vision Accommodation In Children

With my son, we were very responsible.  He always went to yearly check-ups, and when he turned five I took him for his vision eye exam.  He had 20/20 vision until 2nd grade, when he was prescribed glasses for 20/25 vision. I was so excited - maybe this was...

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Why Won’t My Student Read?

Have you ever had a student that seemed bright, but just refused to read or made silly mistakes when he or she read?  That was my son.Don't Compare Your ChildrenOn the one hand I had my daughter. My daughter began reading about halfway through kindergarten and...

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Over twenty plus years, my educational career has spanned four continents and two states, as well as eight grade levels!

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