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Ten Simple Strategies to Re-Energize Your Lessons

Ten Simple Strategies to Re-Energize Your Lessons

Teachers work hard to get to know their students and build a classroom community. They also spend time studying and analyzing their learning standards.  As a teacher, once you have done all that, you need to decide how to present your lessons. How you organize the...

12 Attention-Grabbing Ways To Begin Your Lesson

12 Attention-Grabbing Ways To Begin Your Lesson

Lesson starters. Openers. Attention Grabbers. Hooks. Call them what you will, but we all have our go-to ways to start a lesson in our classroom.  Well, I rounded up my top 12 ways to get students' attention as you start your lesson. Top 12 Ways To Get Students'...

How To Support Your Struggling Readers

I love teaching. I really do! There are so many aspects of teaching that I enjoy and wouldn't change. But there is one thing I used to dread. I used to dread teaching students reading.  I never felt like I could give all of my students the help they needed. There were...

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The Best Way to De-Stress Lesson Planning

Planning units changed my teaching completely. I felt more in control of my class, because I knew what students needed to learn and how my lessons fit together. I no longer stressed about having plans each week, because I had plans ready for a few weeks. I felt more relaxed and effective.

Whole-Teacher EclecticCon 2020

We know that great teaching is about so much more than just academics. When was the last time your PD acknowledged that teaching the whole-child starts with nourishing the whole-teacher?

7 Ways to Recharge your Batteries

While you may be concerned with what the fall will look like, now is the time for you to take some time to recharge your batteries.

5 Ways Teachers Can Celebrate the End of the Year

5 Ways Teachers Can Celebrate the End of the Year

COVID-19 has changed the way every teacher approaches education. We’ve had to quickly pivot our lives from in-person education to technology-based learning. This week, I want to look at how we can celebrate the end of the school year with the teachers we know and love.

Hello! I’m Amy Mezni!

  • I believe that students need to be the leaders of the classroom. Even third graders are old enough to be held accountable and to take responsibility for their learning.
  • I do not believe that kids were made to sit in seats. They need to get up and move around.
  • Differentiated instruction is a must. I use guided reading and guided math groups to meet the individual needs of my students.
  • Helping a student to discover their love for reading is a privilege that I never get tired of.
  • School should be fun! We party in my class!