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Teaching through Integrated Units for the year can be cumbersome. BUT…
I’ve taken all of the pain out of it for you!
Not only on this page will you find Educational Articles that I’ve written on my blog and products specifically made to help you improve your teaching by implementing Integrated Units; but I’ve put together for you this FREE Integrated Units Guide that covers:

  • Units Plan, and
  • 5th Grade Curriculum Map

Best of Integrated Units Article Blog Posts

How often do you feel like teaching Integrated Units to your students is hard work in and of itself…but it shouldn’t be!

I have a lot of educational articles that cover current strategies, micro-lessons, online trainings, how to edit and grade writing; all to help you teach with Integrated Units in your classroom.

Here are a few to get you started. 

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Watch Integrated Unit Videos

Using Novels In Your Classroom Part 6: Integrating Novels Into Any Subject

Using Formative Writing in Any Subject

How To Engage Students In Online Learning

How To Engage Students In Online Learning

Being able to access digital information is a critical skill for all students. Debbie from Live, Laugh. Love to Learn is a Google Certified educator and she shares how she uses technology to engage students during online learning.

The Best Way to De-Stress Lesson Planning

Planning units changed my teaching completely. I felt more in control of my class, because I knew what students needed to learn and how my lessons fit together. I no longer stressed about having plans each week, because I had plans ready for a few weeks. I felt more relaxed and effective.

Whole-Teacher EclecticCon 2020

We know that great teaching is about so much more than just academics. When was the last time your PD acknowledged that teaching the whole-child starts with nourishing the whole-teacher?

7 Ways to Recharge your Batteries

While you may be concerned with what the fall will look like, now is the time for you to take some time to recharge your batteries.

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