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How often do you feel like teaching Integrated Units to your students is hard work in and of itself…but it shouldn’t be!

I have a lot of educational articles that cover current strategies, micro-lessons, online trainings, how to edit and grade writing; all to help you teach with Integrated Units in your classroom.

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Using Novels In Your Classroom Part 6: Integrating Novels Into Any Subject

Using Formative Writing in Any Subject

The History of Memorial Day for Students

Since 1873, Memorial Day has been held in at least some parts of the United States. The day was originally known as Decoration Day, and people set aside the day to remember those who died in service to the nation. This post explains the history of Memorial Day and how...

Top 10 Things to Do at School Before Summer

Back in February, it felt like spring break would never get here - let alone summer! Now that summer break is almost here, give yourself a gift and prepare your classroom for next year. I know it's hard to do anything else right now when just making it through the day...

10 Interactive Activities to Use at the End of the School Year

As testing ends and the school year winds down, teachers have a hard time keeping students focused. If your last month of school is like mine, you probably have already taught all the standards except social studies. Textbooks need to be collected (except...

Hidden Gems: The Chicken Squad

If you have not yet read The Chicken Squad mystery series, you are really missing out! Doreen Cronin, the author of Click, Clack, Moo and Diary of a Worm, has another hit on her hands with this easy chapter book series. This book is a great fit for 2nd - 4th grades. I...

How to Teach Students to Enjoy Writing Poetry

Poetry is such a fun topic to teach students, but so many students resist it! Poems have so many different forms and can be written about any topic. In addition, poems can be written easily in every grade level - as long as teachers follow a few easy steps. Improve...

7 Easy Ways To Integrate Technology Into Poetry Writing

There are so many easy ways to integrate technology into your poetry writing! Many teachers have students type their poetry, but why not add even more technology options for your students? There are a number of free apps and websites that can be used to help students...

Why Students Hate Reading Poetry – And How to Make them Love It!

Have you ever announced to your class that you would be working on a poetry unit and all the students cheered? Yeah, me neither. Usually there are a few students that love poetry, but the groans outweigh the enthusiastic cheers. So why do so many students hate reading...

12 Amazing Poets Who Make Kids Love Poetry

Poetry is one of those topics teachers seem to either love or hate. Students seem to feel the same way. However, Common Core and state reading standards are emphasizing figurative language more than ever. Not only do students have to learn how to read poetry, they...

How to Prep for FSA: Valuable Tips for 6th Grade ELA

It is never too soon for language arts teachers and reading coaches to begin planning for the FSA exams! Sixth grade reading standards expect student to go beyond mere comprehension of the reading, but also to understand the craft of writing. Understanding what the...

How to Prep for FSA: Valuable Tips for 5th Grade ELA

Soon testing will be here, and teachers want to make sure they have covered as many of the standards as possible. The 5th grade ELA standards are a pretty big step up in reading expectations. The good news is that teachers and reading coaches can focuses on a few...

How to Prep for FSA: Valuable Tips for 4th Grade ELA

This test prep season, prepare smarter not harder for FSA! In this post, I will unpack the 4th grade FSA English Language Arts (ELA) test specifications and analyze the 4th grade Florida standards. This will help both teachers and parents make sure their students are...

How to Prep for FSA: Valuable Tips for 3rd Grade ELA

As Florida teachers begin prepping for testing season, time is frequently an issue. The Florida Standards Assessments are rigorous tests, and students need be familiar with both the question styles and testing formats. Both teachers and parents can benefit from...

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