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How often do you feel like teaching Integrated Units to your students is hard work in and of itself…but it shouldn’t be!

I have a lot of educational articles that cover current strategies, micro-lessons, online trainings, how to edit and grade writing; all to help you teach with Integrated Units in your classroom.

Here are a few to get you started. 

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Using Novels In Your Classroom Part 6: Integrating Novels Into Any Subject

Using Formative Writing in Any Subject

The Arc Planner: The Best Personalized Planner!

Are you still searching for your perfect personalized planner?  Many teachers have started using daily planners instead of planbooks.  I need a planner, but usually end up forgetting to use it because the layout doesn't work for my needs.I tried many...

Visiting New York City – with Kids!

So, you want to take a field trip to New York City!  Whether you are a homeschool family or a just taking a vacation with kids, I learned a few tips during our visit.1.  Where to Stay in New York CityThere are a lot of options for staying over in New York...

How to Use Interactive Notebooks as Formative Assessment

When I first started using interactive notebooks, I really wondered how to vary the types of formative assessments.  The summative assessments were easy - a quiz or a chapter test.  The main type of formative assessment that I could find was grading students'...

Hidden Gems: Fish in a Tree

Okay, Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt really isn't a Hidden Gem - I think this book has gotten a lot of attention.  However, I love this book.  If you are teaching upper elementary or younger middle school grades, your class needs this book.  It is really that...

How to Add & Link Images in Google Slides

Are you going to use digital resources with students this year?  If you are new to Google Drive, there are some easy tasks you will want your students to be able to do.  Here are two tutorials that show how to add an image to a Google slide and...

How to Play Readingopoly: A Fun Alternative to Reading Logs

If you are like me, every year you try to improve your independent reading program.  Even though I wanted an alternative to a daily reading log, I usually ended up with some form of one - which everyone hated, parents, students, and me.  I did not want to be the...

The Best Supplies for Interactive Notebooks

Are you using interactive notebooks with your students?  I have used them for a few years, and I have discovered the best supplies for interactive notebooks!  Okay, a bit of hyperbole there, but I definitely have found supplies that I prefer over others. I...

Hidden Gems: Fever, 1793

I think most language arts teachers have a few go-to books that they use to integrate subjects.  When  get to the post-Revolutionary War period and need a historical fiction novel, I reach for Fever, 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson.   The story takes place in...

5 Ways to Engage Student Writers

Okay, so we have talked a lot about struggling readers.  Do you know what struggling readers also hate to do?  Yep, WRITING. I had been making Google journal prompts for my team to use in a writing center.  As they are slides, I made them really colorful.  My son did...

5 Overlooked Signs of a Struggling Reader

My son and I have been reading a chapter a day to improve his reading.  Our "tutoring" has really reinforced to me how many signs I missed that he had a reading problem. Even with all my teacher training and reading professional development, I didn't know that he...

Hidden Gems: Death by Toilet Paper

I recently spotted Death By Toilet Paper by Donna Gephart at the school book fair.  I mean, just look at that cover!  I actually picked it up a few times before I committed to buying it.  Usually a book featuring toilet paper in its title would not be...

Yahtzy: An Easy Way to Learn & Have Fun + a Freebie!

Are you looking for easy ways to increase engagement in math and grammar?  Yahtzy games are the BEST!  They are easy to learn and play, and require few supplies.  Yahtzy also has differentiation built into the game!  Players that need more time can take it, or players...

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