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Best of Integrated Units Article Blog Posts

How often do you feel like teaching Integrated Units to your students is hard work in and of itself…but it shouldn’t be!

I have a lot of educational articles that cover current strategies, micro-lessons, online trainings, how to edit and grade writing; all to help you teach with Integrated Units in your classroom.

Here are a few to get you started. 

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Using Novels In Your Classroom Part 6: Integrating Novels Into Any Subject

Using Formative Writing in Any Subject

Improve Text-Based Essays in 5 Simple Steps

Are your students struggling to use evidence in their writing?  Are you preparing for a state writing test, such as MACS or FSA Writes?  Whether you are teaching DBQs or paired passages, teachers can use the TEACH method to break down the writing process.  The TEACH...

10 Must-Have Nonfiction Books for Every Elementary Classroom

Are you having trouble getting some students to read? For your fiction lovers, there are so many popular series right now - Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson to name a few.Some of your reluctant readers might prefer nonfiction. While there is...

10 Easy Ways to Use Photos in the Classroom

An easy way to freshen up your classroom is with photos!  Most phones today have a great camera, but instant cameras have also made a comeback.  Polaroid or Fuji cameras are both popular and relatively inexpensive instant cameras.  The convenience of...

The Ultimate Popular Music Guide for American History

Do you want to hook your students on American history?  Integrating music into social studies can be a great way to get kids interested in history.  Teachers can use both songs from the time period and songs about historical events.  Songs can be used as an...

5 Strategies for Struggling Readers

As much as I love to read, sometimes I dreaded teaching reading.  I was reading by four and everything in language arts came easily to me - it just clicked.  When I had students that didn't improve their reading with my strategies, I didn't understand why.  Now that I...

Top 10 Things To Do Before Winter Break

Who is counting down the days more - your students or you?!  Before you leave for the holiday break, consider finishing these 10 things to prepare your classroom for January.  Then you can enjoy your winter break without doing any classwork!...

6 Easy Steps to Make a Bulletin Board “Present”

It is always nice to change the decoration in your room. It is like changing your hair - the kids always notice! In our building, decor just does NOT stay on the wall. EVER. As much as I might want to decorate, it just is too much hassle....

Improve Number Sense Quickly with Shut the Box

Is your class working on building number sense?  Shut the Box is the perfect game to play to build addition and subtraction skills.  It also helps students understand "part part whole."  Even better, you can modify the game layout of Shut the Box to...

The Arc Planner: The Best Personalized Planner!

Are you still searching for your perfect personalized planner?  Many teachers have started using daily planners instead of planbooks.  I need a planner, but usually end up forgetting to use it because the layout doesn't work for my needs.I tried many...

Visiting New York City – with Kids!

So, you want to take a field trip to New York City!  Whether you are a homeschool family or a just taking a vacation with kids, I learned a few tips during our visit.1.  Where to Stay in New York CityThere are a lot of options for staying over in New York...

How to Use Interactive Notebooks as Formative Assessment

When I first started using interactive notebooks, I really wondered how to vary the types of formative assessments.  The summative assessments were easy - a quiz or a chapter test.  The main type of formative assessment that I could find was grading students'...

Hidden Gems: Fish in a Tree

Okay, Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt really isn't a Hidden Gem - I think this book has gotten a lot of attention.  However, I love this book.  If you are teaching upper elementary or younger middle school grades, your class needs this book.  It is really that...

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