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How often do you feel like teaching Test Preparation to your students is a test in and of itself…but it shouldn’t be!

I have a lot of educational articles that cover current strategies, micro-lessons, and online trainings; all to help you, help your students prepare better for testing.

Here are a few to get you started. 

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How To Destress Standardized Testing

How Being Stressed Affects Test Scores

How to Make Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts: Clipboards

Okay, so I like to pretend that I am a craft-goddess when I can.  In my head I can make absolutely AMAZING things.  In real life....not so much.  I mean, I am not all thumbs, but I am definitely not giving Martha Stewart a run for her money.  So...

Vision Accommodation In Children

With my son, we were very responsible.  He always went to yearly check-ups, and when he turned five I took him for his vision eye exam.  He had 20/20 vision until 2nd grade, when he was prescribed glasses for 20/25 vision. I was so excited - maybe this was...

Why Won’t My Student Read?

Have you ever had a student that seemed bright, but just refused to read or made silly mistakes when he or she read?  That was my son.Don't Compare Your ChildrenOn the one hand I had my daughter. My daughter began reading about halfway through kindergarten and...

Easy Ways to Teach Prefixes

Hey Everyone, If you are like me, testing is just around the corner.  My class this year is fairly strong in reading, but not in math.  Since I am spending so much time on math, I want to make sure that I am really focusing on the language arts...

3 Fun Activities to Use Before Winter Break

When does your winter break start?  We have the entire week of Christmas off, so we are down to 5 days. But as any teacher knows, each day will get harder and harder as the kids get crazier.  What do you do to keep the kids on task? Last week I made a list of what I...

How to Make Personalized Ornaments for Your Class

Are you crafty?  Do you enjoy staying up late and creating pretty things?  I know I do - although they are not always as pretty as I saw in my mind's eye.Last year, I made two different types of ornaments - one that the students finished and one that I made...

Fall Fun – A Lesson Deli Linky!

  Holy cow! Can you believe that we are already in November?  This school year is flying by! Are you looking for some terrific resources?  The Lesson Deli is sponsoring weekly linkys.  This week we are featuring fall-themed products. My school does not really...

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