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Best of Writing Educational Article Blog Posts

How often do you feel like teaching writing to your students is hard work in and of itself…but it shouldn’t be!

I have a lot of educational articles that cover current strategies, micro-lessons, online trainings, how to edit and grade writing; all to help you teach writing in your classroom.

Here are a few to get you started. 

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Using Formative Writing in Any Subject

Improve Text-Based Essays Using the TEACH Method

Formative vs Summative Writing

How to Improve Student Learning with Interactive Notebooks

How to Improve Student Learning with Interactive Notebooks

Over the past few years, many teachers have begun using interactive notebooks. Like all classroom strategies, interactive notebooks have their pros and cons. They can be tricky to work into an already packed classroom schedule, but if used correctly they...

How to Write Successful Teacher Grant Applications

There are so many grants for educators that it is really a shame so few teachers apply for them. Some colleagues told me they don't have time, while others said that it was too complicated. The ones that had applied often said that they hadn't been awarded the grants,...

6 Easy Ways to Use Gingerbread in your Classroom

Holding a thematic day (or two) before the winter break is a lot of fun! Both teachers and students are ready for break, so doing something out of the ordinary can help keep everyone motivated. Gingerbread is a great theme for upper elementary - and teachers have so...

How to Teach Students to Enjoy Writing Poetry

Poetry is such a fun topic to teach students, but so many students resist it! Poems have so many different forms and can be written about any topic. In addition, poems can be written easily in every grade level - as long as teachers follow a few easy steps. Improve...

7 Easy Ways To Integrate Technology Into Poetry Writing

There are so many easy ways to integrate technology into your poetry writing! Many teachers have students type their poetry, but why not add even more technology options for your students? There are a number of free apps and websites that can be used to help students...

Why Students Hate Reading Poetry – And How to Make them Love It!

Have you ever announced to your class that you would be working on a poetry unit and all the students cheered? Yeah, me neither. Usually there are a few students that love poetry, but the groans outweigh the enthusiastic cheers. So why do so many students hate reading...

12 Amazing Poets Who Make Kids Love Poetry

Poetry is one of those topics teachers seem to either love or hate. Students seem to feel the same way. However, Common Core and state reading standards are emphasizing figurative language more than ever. Not only do students have to learn how to read poetry, they...

Improve Text-Based Essays in 5 Simple Steps

Are your students struggling to use evidence in their writing?  Are you preparing for a state writing test, such as MACS or FSA Writes?  Whether you are teaching DBQs or paired passages, teachers can use the TEACH method to break down the writing process.  The TEACH...

5 Ways to Engage Student Writers

Okay, so we have talked a lot about struggling readers.  Do you know what struggling readers also hate to do?  Yep, WRITING. I had been making Google journal prompts for my team to use in a writing center.  As they are slides, I made them really colorful.  My son did...

Yahtzy: An Easy Way to Learn & Have Fun + a Freebie!

Are you looking for easy ways to increase engagement in math and grammar?  Yahtzy games are the BEST!  They are easy to learn and play, and require few supplies.  Yahtzy also has differentiation built into the game!  Players that need more time can take it, or players...

Hidden Gems: Little Cat’s Luck

For this month's Hidden Gem, I discovered Little Cat's Luck by Marion Dane Bauer.  This is a novel written in verse, which I found to be a fresh writing style that many students may not have experienced.  It would be a great choice for poetry month in April!...

How to Use Interactive Notebooks in Social Studies

After years of teaching online, I returned to the classroom a few years ago.  I had read so many blog posts about interactive notebooks, but I just couldn’t get myself to use them.  I mean, just how did those teachers get the kids to cut and...

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