Abstract Nouns Unit: Abstract, Collective, Common, & Proper 3rd Grade


Subject: English Language Arts, Grammar
Grade Levels: 3rd, Homeschool
Resource Type: Homeschool Curricula, Printables, Activites
File Type: PDF
File Size: 2 MB
Number of Pages: 57 + Video
Answer Key: Yes
Teaching Duration: 1 Week


This Abstract Nouns Unit meets 3rd Grade Language standards. The unit both introduces abstract nouns and reviews commonproper, and collective nouns.

This unit includes activities to teach, practice, and assess students’ understanding of the types of nouns.

Teaching Nouns

First, teachers introduce nouns with inductive activities. Students explore the difference between noun words and other types of words in order to develop a definition, then further explore noun words to begin thinking about the four types of nouns covered by the unit. After watching a 7 minute video (included), students will complete an Anchor Chart note sheet on the types of nouns.

  • Noun Presentation
  • Group Activity Recording Printable
  • Student Anchor Chart
  • Printable Anchor Chart pieces for a Class Anchor Chart
  • Lesson Video

Practicing Nouns

Next, students practice nouns. They are asked to both identify nouns and come up with their own nouns for each category. Two different printable activities and a card game are included for practice.

  • Types of Nouns Reference Sheets
  • Tips for Identifying Nouns Reference Sheet
  • Identifying Nouns Worksheet in a Short Passage
  • Two Versions of a Noun Story (Worksheets)
  • Noun Go Fish card game so students can review nouns throughout the year or in a center.


Finally, teachers can assess students’ understanding of the types of nouns. Two formative assessments are included: a noun sort and a multiple choice worksheet. Two versions of the summative test are also included, so that students can be reassessed if needed.

  • Sorting Nouns Formative Assessment
  • Multiple Choice Formative Assessment
  • 2 Noun Tests for assessment and reassessment

This resource includes:

  1. Suggested Lesson Plan
  2. Lesson Video
  3. Noun Presentation (for Inductive Activity)
  4. Noun Sort Activity
  5. Student Anchor Charts
  6. Printable Pieces for a Class Anchor Chart
  7. Nouns Lists for common, proper, collective, & abstract nouns – they can be glued in student notebooks for reference.
  8. Tips for Identifying Nouns – can be glued in student notebooks for reference.
  9. Identifying Nouns Practice Worksheet
  10. Two Noun Story Activity Pages
  11. Noun Go Fish Card Game & Directions
  12. Noun Review Worksheet (Formative Assessment)
  13. Noun Sort Worksheet (Formative Assessment)
  14. Two Noun Tests (Summative Assessment)
  15. Answer Key

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