American History Interactive Notebook Exploration – Federalist Era


Subject: Social Studies - History, Government, U.S. History
Grade Levels: 7th, 8th, 9th, Homeschool
Resource Type: Graphic Organizers, Scaffolded Notes, Interactive Notebooks
File Type: PDF (Acrobat) Document File. Be sure that you have an application to open this file type before downloading and/or purchasing.
File Size:
Number of Pages: 200
Answer Key: Yes
Teaching Duration: Semester


American History Interactive Notebook Semester 1 Exploration – Federalist Era

This 165 page file is designed as an interactive notebook for middle school American History. In this file are graphic organizers to help your student organize his or her American History notebook. On the graphic organizers are topics and/or questions to guide students to the main ideas in the reading. These guided notes help students that have difficulty reading textbooks and separating key concepts from the other information. This unit covers a wide variety of topics in United States history, including Colonial America, Revolutionary War, and the Constitution. An answer key is included, complete with photos of the interactivities. Please note that content is not included.

3/19/17 – A set of 8 two page quizzes were added to this file.

This interactive notebook will help support your students in learning history.

1. Using interactivities increases engagement. Yes, it sounds crazy, but some students will take notes without complaining as long as they can cut and fold paper! I use white glue with mine, but these pieces could also be taped or stapled into a notebook.

2. The guiding questions and topics on these organizers help support low readers. Many students don’t understand what is important in the text, so they either take too many notes or don’t take any.

3. Organizers support students with special needs and vision problems. Many students struggle with questions at the end of a lesson. For some students it is because they cannot remember what they are supposed to find or they struggle to flip multiple pages. These interactivities help to keep the topic in front of the student.

4. Organizers encourage student independence. Once students get used to the interactive notebook system, teachers can break students into groups and have them complete specific foldables. Students become the topics and teach each other their content.

**Please be advised that this should be completed with an instructor or a parent, as students may need guidance in adding their notes.**

Although this file is written to the Florida standards, it is useful to anyone studying American History. Some of the covered topics include:
– European Explorers
– Improved Technologies
– The Columbian Exchange
– European Settlements
– The Reformation
– British Colonies
– Bacon’s Rebellion
– Colonial Governments and Economies
– Slavery & the Triangular Trade
– English Principles of Government
– Mercantilism
– British Acts during the Colonial Time Period
– The French & Indian War
– The Boston Massacre
– Patrick Henry
– The Second Continental Congress
– Thomas Paine
– John Locke
– Revolutionary War
– Articles of Confederation
– Northwest Ordinance
– Shays’ Rebellion
– Constitutional Convention
– Virginia Plan
– New Jersey Plan
– The Constitution
– Branches of Government
– Federalists & Anti-Federalist
– Key Principles of the Constitution
– Federalism
– The Amendment Process
– Bill of Rights
– National Bank
– Hamilton’s Plan for the Economy
– Whiskey Rebellion
– Northwest Territory
– Federalists vs. Republicans
– Presidential Election of 1796
– XYZ Affair
– Alien & Sedition Acts

Please see the preview for more information.

American History Semester 2 Jefferson Era – Reconstruction is also available.

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