Developing a New Nation DIGITAL Interactive Notebook for US History


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Subject: Social Studies - History, U.S. History
Grade Levels: 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, Homeschool
Resource Type: Internet Activities, Interactive Notebooks, Google Apps
File Type: PDF
File Size: 3MB
Number of Pages: 235 Plus Google Forms
Answer Key: Included
Teaching Duration: 1 Month


Developing a New Nation Digital Interactive Notebook Unit: Federalist Era, Jefferson Era, and Growth & Expansion

This resource is Developing a New Nation DIGITAL Interactive Notebook for middle or high school. This unit includes information on the Federalist Era, the Jefferson Era, and Growth & Expansion (Westward Movement and the Industrial Revolution.) The file is 235 pages long and includes a complete answer key and three-unit assessments.

Please note, this unit includes the same activities as some of those included in my traditional cut and paste interactive notebook American History Interactive Notebook Exploration – Reconstruction, but these graphic organizers are digital. Teachers may want to use both versions with students to meet different needs.

Digital pages can be used without cutting or gluing. The graphic organizers can also be printed to use as note sheets. The answer keys can also be printed for students with IEPs requiring written notes.

There are 70 colored graphic organizers, and those same organizers are also included in black and white. The answer key is included, and it is written on the black and white organizers so that teachers can print them for students with printed notes in their IEPs.

Three assessments are included in Google Forms. A paper copy of the quizzes and answer keys are also included in the pdf, so teachers can choose which version to use.

The topics and questions are not editable. The answers in the answer key are editable, so teachers can edit them to fit the resource or textbook they have.

The organizers have text boxes placed on top of them, so they are ready for student use.

Topics covered in this product include:

Washington’s Cabinet
Judiciary Act of 1789
Bill of Rights
Hamilton’s Plan for the Economy
The National Bank
Tariffs & Taxes
The Whiskey Rebellion
Problems in the Northwest Territory
Problems with Europe
Federalists vs. Republicans
Presidential Election of 1796
The XYZ Affair
Alien & Sedition Acts
Election of 1800
Jefferson’s Presidency
Judiciary Act of 1801
The Louisiana Territory
Problems with Spain
Lewis & Clark Expedition
Zebulon Pike
Hamilton-Burr Duel
American Ships
Violating Neutral Rights
War Looms
United States Reacts
Expedition of 1808
The War Hawks
War of 1812
Lake Erie
Battle for Horseshoe Bend
Washington, D.C.
Battle of Lake Champlain
Battle of New Orleans
The End of the War
The Industrial Revolution
Protecting Inventors
Free Enterprise
Agriculture Grows
Economic Independence
Daniel Boone
Improving Transportation
The Move West
The Era of Good Feeling
Competition from Britain
Nationalism & the Supreme Court
Missouri Compromise
Acquisition of Florida
Monroe Doctrine
Please note that content is not included. In this file are graphic organizers and activities to help your student organize his or her interactive notebook. On the graphic organizers are topics and/or questions to guide him/her.

How to Get the Files

Teachers will obtain the file by using links in a pdf file. Clicking those links will take teachers to a webpage that will have them make a copy of the original files in their Google Drive. Please make sure you are logged into the Google account when you click the links, as it will copy the files to whatever Google account you are logged into at the time.

The files can be downloaded and moved to Microsoft One Note or another online platform.

Teachers have permission to post the images online for their students on a password-protected site.


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