Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Reading Journal Prompts 56 Questions


Subject: English Language Arts,  Reading,  Literature
Grade Levels: 4th,  5th,  6th,  Homeschool
Resource Type: Novel Study,  Printables,  Literature Circles
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Number of Pages: 66
Answer Key: Yes
Teaching Duration: 2 Weeks


Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Literature Group Activities & Journal Prompts

This novel guide included three activities to be used as Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein is read, as well as 56 questions about the book. The questions can be used as task cards or printed for interactive notebooks. Each question correlates with a specific chapter in the book and are a variety of reading comprehension, prediction, and opinion questions. If the class is using literature circles or a reading center, the prompts can be copied onto cardstock and placed on ring.

Also included are three After the Book cards that have book project ideas. These are varied to appeal to different learners, and teachers may want to offer them as “choice” activities. The literature group activities have students track specific information in the text. In the story, student players search for clues to win Mr. Lemoncello’s contest. As the story unfolds, some players team up and others play alone. There are a large number of characters to follow, as well as which players have found which clues. The three activities have students keep track of the team players, clues, and details about the specific characters. They are perfect for literature groups, because the topics could be divided among the readers.

These prompts use a hint of color, but print well in grayscale. For writing journals, simply copy the prompts in grayscale.

Teachers can also use these as a writing prompt for a class read aloud. Simply select the question that correlates with the current chapter.

This file includes:

1. 53 prompts, 6 prompts per page
2. Cover for a “ring” of prompts
3. Track the Teams Activity
4. Character Experts Activity
5. Win the Game! Activity
6. Bulletin Board Title & Pieces
7. Complete answer key

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