Manifest Destiny, Industrial Revolution, & the Reform Era Interactive Notebook


Subject: Social Studies - History, U.S. History
Grade Levels: 7th, 8th, 9th, Homeschool
Resource Type: Graphic Organizers, Scaffolded Notes, Interactive Notebooks
File Type: PDF
File Size: 16MB
Number of Pages: 67
Answer Key: Included
Teaching Duration: 1 Month


Manifest Destiny, Industrial Revolution, & the Reform Era Interactive Notebook

This is a complete interactive notebook unit with assessments for Manifest Destiny, Industrial Revolution, & the Reform Era in middle school American history. Activities include graphic organizers, maps, timelines, and other interactive pieces.

The organizers are created to support students’ reading skills. The guiding questions and topics on the organizers help students determine which facts are main ideas. There are 67 pages of activities, plus a complete answer key.

Unit assessments are also included.

This resource is meant to be used with a textbook or as teacher-led notes.

Please note: this file is not editable.

What is included in this resource?

This resource includes graphic organizers, activities, and unit assessments.

The organizers provide in-depth notes on the topics (at a middle school level.) Teachers can choose to use all of the organizers or select certain pages.

What topics are covered in this unit?

Topics covered in this product include:

Manifest Destiny Timeline
Oregon Country
Vocabulary: joint occupation, mountain man, emigrant, prairie schooner, Manifest Destiny
Mountain Men
Oregon Trai
Manifest Destiny
Settling in Mexico
Vocabulary: Tejano, decree, barricade, annex
The Alamo
Texan Independence
Vocabulary: rancho, ranchero
The New Mexico Territory
Conflict with Mexico
California Gold Rush
Vocabulary: forty-niner, boomtown, vigilante
Compare & Contrast California & Utah Statehood Venn Diagram
Industrial Revolution Timeline
Northern Industrialization,
Vocabulary: clipper ship, telegraph, Morse code
Improved Transportation
Changes in Communication
Farming Innovations
Vocabulary: trade unions, strike, prejudice, discrimination, famine, nativist
Working Conditions
Growth in Cities
Vocabulary: productivity, domestic slave trade
Southern Industry
Cotton Production
People of the South
Vocabulary: yeoman, overseer, spiritual, slave codes, Underground Railroad, literacy
Lives of Enslaved People
Slave Codes
Southern Cities
Reform Movements Timeline
Reforming Society
Vocabulary: revival, utopia, temperance, normal school, civil disobedience
American Authors & Artists
Abolition Movement
Vocabulary: abolitionist
Seneca Falls
Advances in Women’s Rights
Vocabulary: suffrage, coeducation
Manifest Destiny Quiz
Manifest Destiny Answer Key
Industrial Revolution Quiz
Industrial Revolution Answer Key
Reform in the 1800s Quiz
Reform in the 1800s Answer Key
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Is there a digital notebook available?

Yes, this unit is also available in a digital notebook.

Is there a bundle?

Yes, the U.S. history units are available in a money-saving bundle. The bundle is priced at 20% off the cost of the individual units.

Yes, a Mega-Bundle of the units in both traditional interactive notebooks (copy & paste) and digital notebooks is available – the best value. Teachers can determine which style notes meet the needs of each student and lesson.

Why should I use interactive notebooks?

This interactive notebook will help support your students in learning history.

1. Using interactivities increases engagement. Yes, it sounds crazy, but some students will take notes without complaining as long as they can cut and fold paper! I use white glue with mine, but these pieces could also be taped or stapled into a notebook.

2. The guiding questions and topics on these organizers help support low readers. Many students don’t understand what is important in the text, so they either take too many notes or don’t take any.

3. Interactivities support students with special needs and vision problems. Many students struggle with questions at the end of a lesson. For some students it is because they cannot remember what they are supposed to find or they struggle to flip multiple pages. These organizers help to keep the topic in front of the student.

4. Graphic organizers encourage student independence. Once students get used to the interactive notebook system, teachers can break students into groups and have them complete specific interactivities. Students become the experts and teach each other their content.


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