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Over the next school year, Florida’s ELA and Math standards will be replaced with B.E.S.T. (Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking.)

Officially, Florida schools will adopt the language arts standards next year, then the math standards in 2022 – 2023. However, districts seem to be phasing in the standards differently.

Although many of the new standards are similar to the Florida standards, some concepts have been shifted to different grade levels, while other ones are being added.

This summer, watch for in-depth blog posts coming that compare the new ELA BEST standards to the current FL standards. To help teachers better understand how the grade level expectations have changed, the two sets of standards will be compared for each grade level from 2nd – 6th. Teachers will want to see what students are expected to learn in their current grade level, as well as in the grades before and after.

I Can Posters & Checklists – B.E.S.T. Standards

To help teachers prepare for the BEST standards, I am updating all of my I Can Posters and Checklists to the new standards. 

If you have previously purchased the I Can resources for Florida Standards, you will automatically receive the update – FREE. Simply go to your My Purchases area on TPT and download the resource again. I will add a note when the resources are updated, so you can easily tell when they are ready.

This new format is a huge improvement over the old one, so we will also update the Common Core posters and checklists after we finish adding the BEST Standards.


The format for both the posters and checklists are completely new and coordinate with each other. The posters now have doodles to identify standards in the different categories. These same doodles are also used in the checklists to make it easier for teachers and students to find standards in their checklists.

The table of contents page has been linked to each section, so teachers can quickly go to the section they need. Title pages have also been added to provide a visual break before each standard section.


The checklists now have textboxes, so teachers can type directly in the file. Also, single-standard pages have been added to make it easier to see your student’s progress and create small groups. These pages are set up with autofill – just type your class list once, and they populate on all the pages. 

I used my checklists to help track the standards I had taught (and retaught), as well as student data folders. Because I used them for planning, the BEST checklist files now include the suggested book lists for each grade level or a summary page of the math teaching and learning goals.

You can check these out at my TPT store by clicking on the photos here.

Coming Up….FL Standards Compared To B.E.S.T.

Like I mentioned earlier, I will be taking the next month to focus on the ELA standards. Each week I will look at a different grade level – starting at 2nd and going through 6th. 

Do you have questions about B.E.S.T. standards? I’d love to help get the answers for you!

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